Southern Meats Pty Ltd have strategically located their hi-tech abattoir in Goulburn, NSW, the heart of Australia's finest sheep country.  The region has a heritage steeped in the growth of Australia's famous golden fleece days. In the late 1860's, it was a bustling township serving as a commercial centre for a prosperous wool growing district. Goulburn is today just two hour's drive from Sydney's air and seaports.  It remains an important rural cross-roads providing Southern Meats with prime export product from the surrounding sheep growing areas. Its proximity to Sydney ensures the company's Fine Brand range of processed lamb, sheep and offal are easily accessible to worldwide markets.

The Southern Meats Company has joined with another Australian owned sheepmeat processor, the Western Australian Meat Marketing Co-operative Limited (WAMMCO).  Both companies share enviable reputations and brands in domestic and export markets.  By working together closely, the two companies can supply high volumes of premium quality product throughout the year.

Packed under the well-known Fine Brand label, Southern Meats' discerning customers are assured that our product is of the highest quality. Not only is the meat grown in the clean, healthy environment of Australia's beautiful Southern Highlands region but it is processed in a state-of-the-art operation that meets with the stringent standards of the E.C. and USDA. The plant processes sheep and lambs utilising the latest hi-tech automated equipment-slaughtering, boning, chilling, freezing and rendering by-products. All stock are slaughtered to Halal practices with strict hygiene and quality control applying to all aspects of the production line.

Southern Meats prides itself on the plant's flexibility to provide you with a wide range of primal cuts and retail ready packs. Meat is packed, wrapped and labelled to your requirements.  We export to customers in the Middle East, South-East Asia, Korea, Japan, UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Africa, Mauritius and the Pacific Basin with a full range of chilled and frozen bone in and boneless mutton and lamb cuts, as well as assorted offals.

As one of Australia's leading sheep meat exporters, Southern Meats dedication to quality in all aspects of production assures you buy only Australia's best when you buy Fine Brand sheep and lamb meats.

The continuing productivity improvements in the Australian wool and sheepmeat industries highlight the importance of monitoring production and producer intentions, assisting producers to make more efficient decisions based on data and evidence.The results from this survey continue to accurately represent production trends since 2010 and provide a strong foundation for MLA’s and AWI’s industry forecasting and market information analysis.

With this in mind, MLA and AWI kindly ask for your time and considered responses to the survey – the more producers responding provides us with more reliable data. 

Your responses will be aggregated with the replies from other participants to create regional, state and national wool and sheepmeat industry data. Individual responses remain strictly CONFIDENTIAL.

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