Southern Meats site is a controlled access site. You must organise your visit to the site prior to arrival or you may be refused access.

When you visit the site you must:

  • Park in the allocated car park.
  • Go directly to the main office and sign in at the register. Notify of the person that you have an appointment with.
  • Collect your visitors' pass and keep it on you at all times whist on site.
  • If you are new to the site you must complete a visitor orientation/induction. The person responsible will be the person that signs you in.
  • If you are visiting the site over a number of days you must sign in and out every day.
  • Also for your information please view the Southern Meats Emergency Response Plan.

Important Documents

Special Instructions for Contractors

Contractor arrangements will vary depending on the nature of your business with Southern Meats.

If you are required to complete work on site you must view and complete the following documentation prior to you starting work at the site. Once you have completed the required documentation you should make arrangements with the Southern Meats OH&S Manager to be inducted upon your first visit to the site.

To assist you in complying with your documentation requirements we have provided several Permit template examples that may be required for your work to be completed.