Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Southern Meats is committed to ensuring the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees, contractors, and visitors to the workplace. Directors accept primary responsibility and accountability for ensuring the OHS system including all elements of the Self Insurers Model are implemented and maintained.

In pursing these objectives Southern Meats is committed to:

  • the risk management process (risk identification, assessment, control and monitoring) and ensuring consistency with
  • the nature of workplace activities and scale of OHS risks;
  • complying with relevant OHS legislation and other requirements placed upon the organisation or to which the organisation subscribes;
    establishing measurable objectives and targets for OHS to ensure continuous improvement aimed at elimination of
  • work related illness and injury;
  • providing appropriate OHS training and supervision for all employees;
  • the consultation process to ensure all employees including contractors and labour hire employees are included in the
  • decision making processes impacting on workplace health and safety;
  • disseminating OHS information to all employees, contractors, labour hire employees and visitors to the workplace;
  • providing financial and personnel resources to ensure a safe workplace and safe work system and adequate facilities for the welfare of employees at work;
  • the effective implementation of the OHS Policy.

The Directors and General Manager seek the support and co-operation of employees, contractors, and visitors to the workplace in the implementation of this policy. For more information please contact Claire Graham claire@southernmeats.com.au

Documents to download: